Employee fiscal roles and responsibilities provide the framework within which financial management occurs. To read more about this topic, see APS 4014 Fiscal Roles and Responsibilities.

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  • There are four fiscal roles: Officer, Fiscal Principal, Fiscal Manager, and Fiscal Staff.
  • The Fiscal Principal and Fiscal Manager roles are defined at multiple levels (Organization, Program, or Project), so you need to specify where you are making an update.
  • Fiscal roles are defined in the PeopleSoft Finance System and determine access and privileges in other Systems. To learn more about access and roles to fiscal systems, including Peoplesoft Finance, CU Marketplace, and Concur Travel & Expense, see the Access & Training Requirements guide. 
  • You can run an m-Fin report to view fiscal role assignments - see m-Fin Fiscal Roles and m-Fin Fiscal Roles II. Both these reports can be found in CU-Data under Team content > Finance > Look Ups.
  • To add or update fiscal roles for an Org, Project, or SpeedType, complete and submit the appropriate ChartField Request form.

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