Online course offering guidelines for correct conduct (required) for all individuals engaged in financial transactions.

About the course

This course, offered online, explains CU's Fiscal Code of Ethics, and offers examples of what are considered ethical and non-ethical business practices.

Who should take it

  • New Officers
  • New or existing Finance, Human Resources, Procurement Card, and/or CIW (Central Information Warehouse) users (required).
  • CU employees or affiliates who seek a greater understanding of CU's fiscal code of ethics (optional).

Access the course

The course is delivered online in SkillSoft. To access the course:

Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the SkillSoft tile. On the SkillSoft home page, click the button for your campus. On the left of the page, select the Finance sub-category. Locate the CU: Fiscal Code of Ethics couse and click Launch.

Additional Information