Report Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement, Abuse or Waste of University Resources

Fiscal misconduct involves intentional acts or failures to act in order to obtain unauthorized or unlawful gain. The primary factor that distinguishes fiscal misconduct from error is the intent of the person taking the underlying action.

If you are an employee of the University of Colorado, you are obligated by university policy to promptly report fiscal misconduct and fraudulent acts, as well as incidents of suspected misconduct. For more information see Board Policy 13-E Fiscal Misconduct and the University's Administrative Policy Statement Fiscal Misconduct Reporting.

Options for Reporting Fiscal Misconduct and Other Matters

  • CU EthicsLine is a way to anonymously report concerns involving fiscal misconduct by university employees, violations of state or federal law, serious or recurring violations of university policy, or gross waste of university funds or property. The CU EthicsLine is accessible via a toll-free phone number (1-800-677-5590) or a web-based reporting system ( This service is provided by EthicsPoint, an independent company that provides similar services for hundreds of companies and universities. The service provides a communication option available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fraud Reporting

  • Fraud, theft, embezzlement, abuse or waste can also be reported to the Internal Audit Department in person, in writing, via telephone, fax, or email. We are located at: 1800 Grant St., Suite 600, Denver, CO 80203-1148. Phone: 303-837-2195 Fax: 303-837-2190. Email can be directed to; Fiscal misconduct can also be reported to the state of Colorado's fraud hotline at 303-869-3020. These calls are fielded by the Colorado Office of the State Auditor.
  • Some concerns must be raised through a specialized campus office. For example, allegations of sexual harassment are required to be reported to the campus sexual harassment officer.

Protection for Reporting

If you are an employee of the state of Colorado, including its institutions of higher education, you have protections under Title 24, Article 50.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes against disciplinary action or any retaliation for good faith reporting of fraud, waste and abuse. If you would like more information contact our office, the State Personnel Board at 303-866-3300 or, or the Office of the State Controller at 303-866-6200.