The President’s Teaching Scholars Program (PTSP) consists of a group of faculty from the four CU campuses and from a wide range of disciplines, whose work reflects excellence in teaching and research, and is led by a Council Chair elected from the membership.

Established in 1989 as a presidential initiative, the President's Teaching Scholars Program endorses excellence in teaching by honoring faculty throughout the university who excel and embody teaching, scholarship, creative work and research with excellence in all.

The Scholars are chosen from the four CU campuses, not only for their skill in their own classrooms, but also for their potential to improve education and enlarge its possibilities across the university. They currently represent 35 disciplines across the four campuses.

Our Mission

The overarching mission of the PTSP is sharing scholarship and promoting teaching excellence across the campuses.

The mission is accomplished by 1) honoring the accomplishments and community involvement of faculty dedicated to elevating teaching excellence across the CU system; 2) raising the awareness of and elevating the value of teaching as an integral purpose of higher education; 3) developing a community of scholars spanning the four campuses through annual meetings focused on sharing teaching expertise, experience, and purpose; 4) informing university leadership about issues concerning the current and future direction of the teaching mission and providing perspective and recommendations about particular actions, topics, or policies that influence teaching across the CU system; 5) supporting initiatives and research that advance teaching excellence across disciplines, and 6) serving as a resource for the advancement of the quality of teaching and learning.