About the Teaching Scholars

The President’s Teaching Scholars are a group of women and men who exemplify a zeal for teaching and learning, a passion for their discipline, high regard for their students, an altruistic attitude towards students and colleagues, full respect for diversity in teaching styles and learning communities, an interest in assessing the effects of classroom teaching, and a desire to promote civil discourse both inside and outside the classroom.

In collaborating with their faculty colleagues, the Teaching Scholars seek to improve student learning and to enhance innovative teaching at the University of Colorado. To this end, they have undertaken a wide range of projects and initiatives (click here to see more- pdf). They also consult with the university’s president on means to promote distinguished teaching in all the institution’s educational endeavors.


Established in 1989 as a presidential initiative, the President's Teaching Scholars Program endorses excellence in teaching by honoring faculty throughout the university who excel and embody teaching, scholarship, creative work and research with excellence in all.

The President's Teaching Scholars are chosen from the four CU campuses, not only for their skill in their own classrooms, but also for their potential to improve education and enlarge its possibilities across the university. They currently represent 35 disciplines across the four campuses.

Serving as ambassadors for the integration of teaching with research, the Teaching Scholars develop individual, departmental, campus and system-wide projects, including mentoring that cultivate exemplary teaching and engaged learning.

Objectives of the Program

  • To be champions of teaching excellence and the integration of research on all of the CU campuses
  • To create a forum for outstanding teaching scholars to establish ideas about excellent teaching and research, build a knowledge base about learning and teaching, and develop action plans for promoting teaching excellence
  • To assist in integrating teaching into the primary work of the disciplines one one's campus with university administrators and along with teaching scholars at retreats and conversations with President Benson
  • To take on leadership roles to encourage teaching excellence programs and opportunities for faculty members to learn about excellent teaching and the integration of research
  • To engage in and intiate conversations and opportunities for dialogue about teaching and learning with interested faculty members
  • To develop support for teaching excellence, the integration of research, and involvement in PTS activities from the CU President, CU Chancellors, and other university administrators
  • To publish useful information and peer reviewed articles on teaching and learning
  • To be a member of the Big Thoughts and High Impact Processes group
  • To take on leadership roles regarding the value of teaching at CU today
  • To engage in and initiate conversations about teaching and learning while working with other faculty who are interested in teaching and learning
  • To become a member of faculty cohorts of all scholars who initiate and innovate discussions about "learning about learning" in faculty communities of practice
  • To be a model for high impact CU programs
  • To develop a scholarship of teaching and learning by publishing peer reviewed articles

Outreach to University of Colorado Faculty

A significant outreach effort to all faculty on the campuses is the opportunity to become part of the system-wide President's Teaching and Learning Collaborative (PTLC). This program is modeled on the Carnegie Foundation Program for the advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The Collaborative is committed to establishing the University of Colorado as a leader in research on teaching and learning.

The goals of the collaborative are to foster inquiry and to assess goals for learning. This outreach effort for research in teaching is known nationally and internationally as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).