Welcome to the University of Colorado! As a new employee, you may be eligible for a range of medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance benefits. You must choose whether to enroll in or waive your offered benefits within 31 days of your hire date.

Some benefits will enroll you automatically if you take no action, so please review all your options. You can easily waive or enroll in your benefits by using the benefits enrollment tool in your employee portal. As a new hire, your elections will remain effective for the remainder of the plan year (July 1– June 30).

Need help choosing your benefits? Visit the Payroll and Benefits Orientation page to find videos, guides and other resources to guide your decisions.

Benefits Enrollment

Step 1: Log in to the employee portal.

Access your campus portal at my.cu.edu, select your campus, and enter your username and password. You may also find campus-specific assistance with your user ID and password.

Step 2: Find the Benefits & Wellness tile

Once you have logged in to the portal, select the CU Resources tab. (If you do not see a CU Resources tab, it is your homepage.)

On your homepage, select the Benefits and Wellness tile.

Select Benefits Enrollment.

Step 3: Authenticate your identity

When you try to access a protected page in the portal's CU Resources area, a page like the one below will appear. You will be asked to authenticate your identity.

Authentication page

You will have authentication two options: Receive a phone call or receive a text message with a passcode. 

Option 1: Receive a phone call

From the Device drop-down menu, select the phone number where you wish to be contacted. Select a device
Click the Call Me button. Call me
Answer the call, then press any key on your phone to log in.

The protected page will open.

Answered. Press any key on your phone to log in.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the activity guide

Note: You'll need to read and accept the Acknowledgement before you can begin selecting your benefits.

Benefits Acknowledgement

Step 5: Choose your plans

All benefits plans for which you are eligible will be listed. On each tile, click the Review link to see your options, enroll, change or waive benefits plans.

Benefits Enrollment Tool

Step 6: Click the Submit Enrollment and Done buttons

Review the page and verify that you have made all of your benefits selections.

To complete your enrollment, click the green Submit Enrollment button in the upper right corner of the page. 

Submit Enrollment

A message will appear that all benefit choices have been successfully submitted to the Employee Services benefits department. Press Done or View to finalize your enrollment.

Press DONE or View buttons image

Step 7: Verify your benefits enrollment

Once you submit your enrollment, you'll receive an email confirmation. In the enrollment tool, your Enrollment Summary status will show as Submitted.

You may review your selection through the portal's Benefits Summary the next business day. To view your new elections, enter the effective date of your benefits enrollment (ex. 2/1/2020) in the date field and press the Refresh button.

To access your Benefits Summary: Select the Benefits & Wellness tile on your homepage and then select Benefits Summary

If you do not take action within 31 days of your start date, you will be automatically enrolled in the following:

Medical Plans Coverage Cost
CU Health Plan - High Deductible Employee Only $0/month
Dental Plans Coverage Cost
CU Health Plan  - Essential Dental Employee Only $0/month

CU's plans will act as your primary health coverage to any other health care plans you may already have. If you do not want this coverage, you must waive it (see Step 4).

Eligible employees will also be enrolled in a mandatory retirement plan. Please visit our retirement plan page for more information.