Welcome to the University of Colorado! As an international student, you may have a lot of questions. The International Tax office is here to help.  

Whether you’re new to the U.S. — or just new to CU — international students have unique concerns. Whether you have questions about the U.S. tax system or your own tax obligations, the International Tax Office is here to make sure you can meet your obligations with knowledge and confidence. 

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Step 1: Schedule an appointment

A meeting with the International Tax Office is mandatory for all new international students who receive a stipend issued through the university's payroll system. (Not sure if this applies to you? Check with the department paying your stipend.)

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Tax documents & deadlines

Step 2: Review information on your U.S. tax responsibilities

Once you've met with an international tax specialist, please use these resources as a reference and reminder about your tax filing responsibilities and more. 

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