That's why we provide tuition assistance to qualified employees and dependents. Do you want to grow your expertise in your career field? Does your spouse or child plan to earn a degree? Is there a subject you’d just love to know more about? Whatever your goals, we’re here to support you and to help you save money.

Tuition Assistance Benefit can be used by you, the employee, or you may transfer it to your dependent(s).  You must decide who will use the benefit for each academic year, which runs from fall to summer:

Tution Assistance for Employees

Tuition Assistance for Dependents


CU's Policy

CU's Tuition Assistance Benefit adheres to Administrative Policy Statement 5024.

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Some uses of the Tuition Assistance Benefit are taxable. Understand your obligations.

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Review common questions about the program, so you fully understand how to use it.

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