Student Faculty, Student Hourly & Student Work-Study

Student employees can work in a variety of positions within the university.

Most graduate students and student faculty members are paid a monthly salary on the last banking day of the month. Most undergraduate student employees are paid hourly on a biweekly basis. Work Study students are paid by the hour on a biweekly basis. Please refer to the pay dates tab above for paydays, and check with your department payroll liaison for pay cycle options.

Per IRS rules, student employees in higher education are exempt from paying into social security. Student employees who work for the same university they attend are exempt from paying Student Retirement and Medicare when they are enrolled in a minimum course load and work fewer than 40 hours per week.  Please refer to the student retirement page for more information.

Student employees must document time worked. CU has multiple options for documenting time and leave; please verify with your department on the proper procedures to document your time. Both the employee and his/her supervisor must sign the record verifying the accuracy of reported hours.

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When leaving employment, please update your address through the employee portal to ensure you receive your W-2 at the end of the tax year. Correcting information in the student portal will not update your employee information.  

There’s more to your pay than receiving a paycheck. Ensure you understand your finances by reading your paycheck correctly, reviewing pay days, learning how to safeguard against lost paychecks and more. 

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International Employees

International employees must comply with the U.S. Tax Code. To ensure compliance, you must make an appointment with the appropriate campus international tax specialist to complete the proper tax forms and establish correct tax status. :  Please make your appointment as close to your employment start date as possible.  At times, it may be two to four weeks before an international tax specialist can meet with you due to busy academic and tax year schedules.  There is generally no negative ramification to a delay in meeting with our office.

 If you’ve reached your 31st day of employment with the university and have applied for but not yet been issued a Social Security number, please have your department payroll representative contact the International Tax Office.

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