Payroll production calendars are subject to change at any time. Please check this page often for updates.

What these calendars provide

  • time collection approval deadlines
  • deadlines to submit W-4, direct deposit and retroactive pay forms to Employee Services
  • campus deadlines for payroll paperwork and HRMS entry
  • HR production deadlines for approval of job, position and funding updates
  • Employee Services' deadlines for departments to request check stops and direct deposit reversals (bank pulls)

  • “gray days,” when the HRMS production database is unavailable due to payroll processing
  • biweekly, monthly and special off-cycle payroll periods, dates, and the associated pay run IDs
  • availability of payroll registers
  • scheduled campus holidays

HR production will remain available during biweekly payroll processing. All posted entry and approval deadlines must be met to update data that will be processed during a specific pay period. Please contact the Employee Services help desk at 303-860-4200 if you have questions.

System Administration Payroll Production Calendars



Time Frame
Last Updated
January 1/31/2018
February 1/31/2018
March 1/31/2018
April 1/31/2018
May 1/31/2018
June 1/31/2018
July 2/6/2018
August 5/30/2018
September 5/30/2018
October 5/30/2018
November 5/30/2018
December 5/30/2018


Time Frame Last Updated
Jan. - July 6/6/2017
Aug. - Jan. 8/6/2017



Time frame Last updated
Jan. - July 04/21/2015
Aug. - Oct. 10/27/2015
Nov. - Dec. 12/18/2015