New tools make reports more robust and easier to run.

The CU HCM User WorkCenter enables users access to related transactions, reports, query results and other resources from one central location. It was designed to bring together the PeopleSoft elements that HCM users require most when performing tasks that comprise their primary responsibilities. Using the CU HCM User WorkCenter can promote productivity by minimizing the time spent navigating between tasks.

  • PeopleSoft Query is an end user reporting tool. You can extract the precise information that you are looking for by using visual representations of your PeopleSoft database, without writing Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. The query tool allows you to send query results to a separate browser window, automatically download and format results as XML or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or schedule your query for a future run time.The queries that you write can be as simple or as complex as necessary; they can be one-time queries or queries that you use repeatedly. 
  • PeopleSoft Reports uses complex logic to generate dozens of built-in and configured reports.
  • CU Data (Cognos) is a robust tool offering standardized business intelligence reports to assist with analysis and presentation in the Central Information Warehouse (CIW). These are provided by Information Resource Management (IRM).

HCM Data Dictionary

This dictionary provides a list of trusted HCM records that can be used to build PS Query reports.
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Step-by-Step Guides & Training

CU Careers: Working With Reports

HCM: Running Queries 

HCM: Creating and Modifying Queries 

HCM: Scheduling Queries 

HCM: Uploading Course Completion Data

HCM: Comprehensive Learning Report

HCM: Beginner PS Query and Excel Training Webinar

Not finding what you are looking for? Consult our FAQ


Where can I view data classifications and use guidelines?


The Data Classification and Use Guidelines for Employee Data are both available on the Office of Information Security (OIS) website. Please visit both pages to ensure that sensitive university information is being protected from compromise, such as unauthorized or accidental access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure.

What is the best way to report an issue with an HCM query?


You can submit an ES Data ticket via the ES Cherwell Customer Portal. You must select your campus and enter your single sign-on (SSO) credentials to access the portal.

How can I view public HCM queries created by Employee Services?

Follow this path to all public HCM queries:

  1. Visit HCM within
  2. Select the HCM tile
  3. Select the HCM Community Users tile
  4. Select the HCM WorkCenter tile
  5. Choose the Resources tab (left navigation pane)

HCM Queries section displays the 15 most used HCM queries. For the entire list, select “Click here for ALL.”

When I run a query, why do I get different results than other HCM users?

PeopleSoft HCM utilizes row level security which enables users to access a record without viewing all rows of the record. Row level security is typically implemented for records with position and/or employee data. Row level security applies to most page access, as well as Query.

I want to create my own query… do you have any resources to help me get started?


We do! The PeopleSoft HCM Data Dictionary for Functional Users can be found in our Document Library. It’s also embedded above on this very webpage. Additional step-by-step guides that may be useful to review include: