Run reports

New tools make reports more robust and easier to run.

HCM WorkCenters organize frequently used reports and queries under the "HCM User Resources" tab or in the main menu under "Reporting Tools." You can also "save" common queries and reports in favorites lists, similar to bookmarks on an Internet browser.  You'll have better tools at your disposal, too:

  • Cognos pulls data from HCM, the Central Information Warehouse and Finance to provide snapshots of data trends over time.
  • PS Query allows you to find existing queries or build your own, pulling real-time data from HCM.
  • PeopleSoft Reports uses complex logic to generate dozens of built-in and configured reports.

If you find the existing reports and queries not helpful, please give your feedback through one of the available web forms below to help us better meet your needs.

HCM Data Dictionary

This dictionary provides a list of trusted HCM records that can be used to build PS Query reports.
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HCM Reports

Step-by-step: Reviewing a Training Summary

Step-by-step: Comprehensive Learning Report

Step-by-step: Creating and Modifying Queries

Step-by-step: Running Queries

Step-by-step: Scheduling Queries

Step-by-step: Uploading Course Completion Data

Step-by-step: Running a Training Completion Report using CU-Data (Cognos)

Common Queries and Reports

 Job List Query: CUES_HCM_JOB_LIST

 Payroll Register Account Detail: CUES_HCM_PAYROLL_REGISTER_DTL





 Annual Leave Certification: CUES_HCM_ANNUAL_LV_CERT


CU Careers Reports

Step-by-step: Working with Reports in CU Careers  

Not finding what you are looking for?

We are always looking for new ways to improve our reports and queries. If you have any feedback, please fill out one of our available web forms:

*Custom reports and queries can take significant time and/or resources. Before requesting a custom report or query, please review the existing queries already available on the CU HCM User WorkCenter. Often, an existing query will meet your needs.

Which tool should I use?

Each tool has a few advantages and disadvantages. 

  Cognos PeopleSoft Reports PS Query
  • Pulls in data from CU-SIS, FIN and HCM
  • 15 years of data available
  • Scheduling and distribution is available
  • Uses real-time data
  • Complex logic
  • Many reports will be available on Day 1
  • Scheduling and distribution is available
  • Uses real-time data
  • Ability to drill-down
  • Can be created by all users
  • Scheduling and distribution is available
  • Data is one day old
  • Less flexible than PS Query
  • Reports are written by Employee Services staff,
    meaning they are not customized to your specifications.
  • Run through Report Manager
  • Changes to reports require a technical resource
  • Requires an understanding
    of PeopleSoft table structures if creating your own query.

Most queries are available with your basic HCM access. Visit our   HCM Access and Training page for information on how to obtain any additional roles needed for the more secure queries.

CU Careers also features a simpler, user-friendly tool called Oracle Business Intelligence. Use this to access:

  • Internal Candidates
  • Hired Candidates
  • Candidate timeframe in step/status
  • Time posted
  • Posting source
  • Number of candidates per requisition
  • Requisition aging


Beginner PS Query and Excel Training Webinar from Employee Services on Vimeo.