Learn the ins and outs of creating a Payroll Expense Transfer at a structured lab.
Fiscal year-end is coming soon. Start preparing with available resources.
Employee Services’ Payroll Department will run a special off-cycle on April 17 due to inclement weather.
We’ll walk you through ways to successfully prepare for upcoming leave sweeps.
Open Enrollment introduces three updates for the 2019-20 plan year.
Submit performance evaluations for your classified staff to your campus HR office by May 1.
Have you considered all of your health care options? During Open Enrollment workshops, sessions and fairs, learn about the commonalities and differences between each CU Health Plan, how the health care dollars flow and how each plan affects access to care.
Here’s what you should do before May payroll.
The April 18 upgrade will create a better user experience.
Teams are working on this issue and an update will be sent when more information is available.