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We’re almost ready to roll out new tools and programs that will make your job a little easier, and we’re inviting you to get a sneak peek of them at HCM Campus Workshops this summer.
Due to fiscal-year-end payroll processing, there will be no special off-cycle the week of June 29. We will open the off-cycle time collection on Thursday, July 2.
Find monthly, biweekly and special off-cycle payroll deadlines and pay dates for July 2015.
Before training begins, we want to outline key topics and skills you’ll learn at each HCM Campus Workshop.
To help us make a seamless transition to HCM Nov. 3, we need you to check if you have the correct browsers and applications configured on your desktop.
For supervisors, ePerformance will make reviewing your staff easier. For employees, assessing your skills and preparing for your next career move will be more simple.
Start off fiscal year 2015-16 with a clean slate by wrapping up any remaining overpayments and payroll expense transfers by June 30.
Before Employee Services sweeps leave balances that exceed the university's allowed maximums this July, do your part by confirming the accuracy of the leave sweep reports we sent you on June 4.