Ensure that any earnings still due when an employment contract terminates early are successfully paid out with the correct funding.
Avoid confusing paycheck calculations by following these best practices for mid-month contract changes.
When a contract is completed early, you’ll need to make sure any earnings not yet paid are included in the contractor’s final paycheck and funded by the campus default SpeedType.
The end of the semester is approaching. Make sure that Earnings Not Paid are paid out in May.
Here’s what you should do before May payroll.
Here’s what you should do before May payroll.
These guidelines will ensure your work with contracts goes smoothly
Making a pay rate changes to contracts? Completing early terminations? Here’s how to ensure these entries are completed correctly and in time for payroll processing.
The Earnings Not Paid (ENP) earning code seen on 9-pay-9 contacts is a result of changed contract processes.