Some faculty with nine-month academic year contracts may choose to have their pay distributed over a longer time period. Understand how these extended payouts align with fiscal year budgets and the general ledger.
Ensure that any earnings still due when an employment contract terminates early are successfully paid out with the correct funding.
Faculty can select their contract schedule between May 1 and July 14. Share resources with your faculty members on contracts to help them choose.
With many faculty members on leave during the summer, ensure these employees are included in this crucial process so they are paid correctly and on time.
Ensure faculty members currently on leave are able to participate in annual contract renewals.
Verify that all faculty contracts elections have been made and are accurately reflected in August payroll.
Review key dates and resources to prepare for this year’s faculty contract renewals.
Learn more about setting up new faculty and student contracts, merit increases, contract renewal and campus-specific hiring dates for new employees.