Ensure that any earnings still due when an employment contract terminates early are successfully paid out with the correct funding.
Some faculty on nine-month contracts choose to have their total pay spread out over 12 months. Find out how this affects the fiscal year budget table, taxes, retirement and benefits.
Avoid confusing paycheck calculations by following these best practices for mid-month contract changes.
Ensure faculty members currently on leave are able to participate in annual contract renewals.
When a contract is completed early, you’ll need to make sure any earnings not yet paid are included in the contractor’s final paycheck and funded by the campus default SpeedType.
Verify that all faculty contracts elections have been made and are accurately reflected in August payroll.
These reminders and guides can help you successfully complete contract pay rate changes.
Learn more about setting up new faculty and student contracts, merit increases, contract renewal and campus-specific hiring dates for new employees.
If your faculty need assistance during this process, please encourage them to use our resources.
If employee in your department make more than $128,400 in 2018, please provide them with these helpful reminders.