Faculty can select their contract schedule between May 1 and July 12. Share resources with your faculty members on contracts to help them choose.
Ensure that any earnings still due when an employment contract terminates early are successfully paid out with the correct funding.
To manage position funding between now and fiscal year-end, the “Apply to Next Fiscal Year” feature will be enabled beginning May 1.
Employees at risk of losing vacation leave need plenty of time to schedule leave. Help your employees plan for the June 30 leave carryover deadline by ensuring correct leave balances.
Occasionally, you’ll need to correct errors in payroll after it processes. CU’s HCM Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) solution has a number of helpful features to make reallocating funding a breeze.
There are a few best practices to keep in mind while reviewing paychecks to ensure that employees are paid correctly and funding posts correctly. As we approach fiscal year-end, become acquainted with the tools to ensure all pay is posted correctly before fiscal year-end on June 30.
The U.S. Department of Labor has tightened requirements for the classification of independent contractors, which go into effect on March 11. Make sure you understand the requirements for classifying someone as an independent contractor before submitting a Scope of Work form.
FAMLI leave applications have flooded in since December. During this time, questions have arisen around scenarios like emergency leave, time processing and retroactive processing. We’ve compiled a list of answers for these scenarios.
The university is required to send regular notices to employees about federal and/or state Earned Income Tax Credit programs. This requirement includes employees who had no tax withheld during the tax year.
Follow these payroll funding “best practices” to avoid payroll funding headaches.