Template-based Transactions are coming to three functions on Nov. 9.
Use these resources to prepare for the upcoming ePAR upgrade.
ePAR form will transition to the Template Based Transaction framework in February. See what’s changing and what’s staying the same.
The scheduled June 1 ePAR update has been moved to May 29 to address ongoing issues.
The latest HCM project information is now available. Learn about the project’s timeline, as well as what will be changing with Person of Interest and Transfer in April.
The use of ePARs to complete position information has caused freezing positions within HCM.
These important rules and reminders will assist you when completing ePAR transactions and funding entries.
The Hire ePAR functions are working, and the missing Action Reasons in ePAR are available.
Changes to approvals are coming with the release of Elevate Wave 3. See what’s new and what’s staying the same.