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Take a closer look at new HCM enhancements

On Nov. 9, HCM users will be able to complete Job Change, Pay Rate Change and Leave functions as template-based transactions (TBTs). In addition, the upgrade will enhance existing templates.

This upgrade has been part of a continuous cross-campus effort to ensure the best experience for HCM users, as they work to serve all CU employees. Representatives from all campus Human Resources teams have collaborated with Employee Services and UIS to meet user needs. 

Template-Based Transactions updates

First introduced to HCM in 2018 to replace ePAR transactions, TBTs are navigational tool that walks users through the steps to complete transactions. If you’ve completed Hire, Rehire, Additional Job, POI, Transfer and Termination processes in the past year, you’ve used this functionality.

In November, the following functions will become TBTs:

  • Job Change: Users can change an employee’s current job record utilizing two actions:
    • Data Changes: Users can change an employee's appointment end date, expected job end date (used for Auto-termination) and more.
    • Pay Rate Changes: Users can alter an employee’s current pay.
  • Leave of Absence and Short Work Break: Users can put an employee on a leave of absence or a short work break and return them using this transaction.

After the upgrade, users will begin these processes from the Transaction Launch page:

Updates to existing transactions

Retrofits to existing TBTs will reduce manual effort and processing time.

Work Study – Currently, HCM users creating a work-study position have to use a custom process page. The upgrade will enable users to identify work-study employees within the TBTs. .

Auto-termination –This upgrade enables an auto-termination function to reduce manual effort in processing routine, seasonal positions.

HCM users will be able to enter an expected job end date for eligible employee records. When the date is reached, the employee’s record will be automatically terminated. Robust logic will ensure employees occupying benefits-eligible positions will not be automatically terminated.

Next steps

Each campus HR group will host Town Hall meetings to provide an overview of changes. Education sessions and resources will be available soon. Find additional information, a timeline and more on the Current Projects page.

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