Resources are now available for payroll liaisons to correctly approve, track, compensate and submit a request for reimbursement for union steward’s activities during work time.
Payroll deadlines have shifted to support outage
All pay and non-pay transaction resources are now consolidated into one spot.
Procedural statements regarding differential, translation, on-call and holiday pay now available.
Find relevant Employees Services and Controller’s resources for HR/GL transactions in one accessible spot.
Refer to a new guide to create deep links to Skillsoft courses
Verify that all faculty contracts elections have been made and are accurately reflected in August payroll
Ask employees to doublecheck pay and personal information, then clean up HCM employee data.
Ensure faculty members currently on leave are able to participate in annual contract renewals.
New overpayments guide will walk you through the steps to make a payroll adjustment after an overpayment.