An update will be sent when September monthly payroll reports are available.
Employee Services and Kaiser are offering vaccinations to CU employees and spouses on all campuses this October.
The pull deadline for the 8/25/18 pay period is 10:00 a.m. Sept. 5.
CU employees can now review their 2018-19 benefits selections through their campus portal.
The June 7 upgrade will streamline processes, improve functionality and create a better user experience. CU Careers usage will not be affected.
Let your dependent know about these changes in benefits plans before Open Enrollment begins.
This is your opportunity to build your knowledge and meet with CU benefits experts.
The Job List is expected to return to the quick list in the next week. Here’s how to find it in the meantime.
A screening, held on all CU campuses, offers crucial tests to provide the pieces employees need for a full view of their health. Register for a spot today.