Ask your staff to complete these tasks to ensure they receive error–free W-2 forms.
Failing to complete these tasks may result in excess taxes withheld, owing taxes or delay in receiving these tax forms.
Employees will soon receive their W-2s in the mail. They can also be viewed and downloaded conveniently in the portal.
Help ensure your staff receive error–free W-2 forms: Ask them to complete these tasks.
W-2s have been mailed and are now available to view and download in the portal.
Get a head start on year-end tasks for yourself and your department. Here’s how to verify your addresses, Social Security Number and pay are correct.
If employees who no longer work at CU are seeking their 2016 W-2 forms, direct them to the instructions at
If you supervised employees who have since left the university who have called seeking their 2015 W-2 forms, direct them to the instructions at
Help us beat last year’s record of getting more than 15,000 employees to confirm and/or update their personal information within the portal in preparation for tax season by asking employees to take the following actions.
Help CU verify that employees have the correct addresses on file by Jan. 5, 2015, to ensure they receive their W-2 tax documents in ample time to file.