In addition to the usual year-end tasks, specific situations can arise with grant-funded positions and the electronic Personnel Effort Reporting System (ePERS).
Use HCM payroll queries to confirm payroll and Payroll Expense Transfer details within HCM.
The FAMLI premium will be added to the encumbrance process starting with the October monthly payroll.
The HCM payroll encumbrance calculation process is an important way to track projected payroll obligations — such as payroll, taxes and deductions — in the general ledger.
There’s more to payroll funding than position funding. Account codes classify the kind of earnings and benefits processed by payroll and are crucial for encumbrances and budgeting.
When changes are made to an employee’s job data, the changes can impact how encumbrances post to the general ledger.
Some faculty with nine-month academic year contracts may choose to have their pay distributed over a longer time period. Understand how these extended payouts align with fiscal year budgets and the general ledger.
Follow these tips to ensure that an employee’s final pay or late pay after termination processes correctly.
Avoid confusing paycheck calculations by following these best practices for mid-month contract changes.
When preparing positions for new employees or transfers, consider these tips for smooth setup and successful fall payroll.