Help your new international hires prepare for tax season by encouraging them to schedule tax appointments, then learn more about changes to available tax filing software.
Completing these tasks will help ensure your year-end is successful.
Fall hiring and August payroll are approaching. View reminders, tasks and resources so you’re ready.
Help keep CU in compliance with federal tax laws: Direct new international employees to meet with international tax specialists.
The pull deadline for the 8/25/18 pay period is 10:00 a.m. Sept. 5.
Employee Services encourages you to review your 2018 W-4, use IRS withholding calculator to make sure you get the refund amount you’re expecting next tax season.
Overpayments happen. Ensure you correct them using these steps to prevent delay in repayment and processing.
Don’t forget: The June monthly payday falls on Monday, July 3, which means now’s a great time to remind monthly paid employees that they’ll be receiving their money a bit later than normal.
Student employees will be refunded deductions taken in error in 2016’s final paychecks.