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Prepare for fall hiring and August payroll

Prepare for fall hiring and August payroll by reviewing reminders and completing the following tasks:

  1. Ask employees to review their personal information in the employee portal. This includes their mailing address, zip code, Social Security Number, direct deposit and W-4. This ensures that they are taxed correctly and receive their pay. After each payroll, employees should check their pay advice to confirm their pay.
  2. Confirm Job Data is up-to-date and correct by the 10th of each month. Last-minute changes to job data can cause delays to employee benefits updates, as the Benefits Enrollment Management team needs time to query and update records in time for payroll.
  3. Ensure funding distributions are updated by the 10th of each month, then run the funding entry and funding suspense queries to ensure distributions are correct. For assistance, see the CU Funding Entry guide.
  4. Many new employees anticipate their first paycheck in August. Remember that the monthly payroll deadline is Aug. 20. Once payroll processing begins, updates cannot be made for the current payroll, including termination rows that can result in overpayments.

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