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Entering Job Data changes by the 10th of the month prevents costly hardship to employees

Last-minute Job Data entries made prior to the 5 p.m. deadline for monthly payroll uploads negatively affect employees’ benefits. Avoid this by making these entries in a timely manner.

Submit Job Data entries by the 10th of every month

The payroll calendar provides a 5 p.m. deadline for uploads of monthly payrolls. Please remember this is not a deadline for Job Data entries. The system does not automatically make the necessary benefit enrollment changes in time for payroll. This is a manual process, requiring time for completion.

Due to the manual nature of this procedure, our teams are unable to process the high volume of Job Data entries made in the few days prior to the payroll calendar deadline. This results in missed deductions and deductions taken in error from employees’ payroll. Frequently, these deduction errors involve the 401(a) or PERA and cause a financial burden for employees when missed contributions are required to be repaid in subsequent months. In some cases, your department will be charged for the employee portion of missed retirement plan contributions.

Submitting Job Data entries by the 10th of the month gives our teams time to ensure accurate benefits enrollment or termination for that month’s payroll. It also assists our business partners in providing more accurate deadlines and reporting, and reduces the number of corrections departments need to make. Most importantly, it ensures employees do not have to pay for accumulated months of benefits charges from their next paycheck, or risk being overcharged for benefits upon termination or reduction of hours.

Be sure to enter information correctly

In order for new employees to make their benefit elections, receive communications regarding benefits and enroll in the correct retirement plan (if eligible), confirm the following fields on the Modify a Person page are completed:

  • Date of birth.
  • Gender. Note: Unknown is an available option, but this causes issues with the system when employees attempt to complete their healthcare elections through the self-service tool in the portal.
  • National ID.
  • Official CU email address.
  • A complete home address. Note: International employees’ local addresses can be entered as the mailing addresses.

If you have additional questions, Benefits Counselors can be reached at 303-860-4200, option 3.

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