Stay accurate with job codes by linking the Benefits Eligibility Matrix
Help your new international hires prepare for tax season by encouraging them to schedule tax appointments, then learn more about changes to available tax filing software.
On July 1, Oracle released an update to tax tables in HCM. Due to this, some employees may see changes in state taxes withheld from paychecks.
If you hire employees or simply want more experience with HCM, take the new HCM Hiring Employees Skillsoft course, available June 10.
Here’s how to view all your past paychecks by a filtered search in the portal.
Starting the week of Jan. 21, new ID cards will be mailed to employees insured by Anthem.
Use our other training resources while the environment is down.
Teams are working diligently to identify affected positions and job records.
See why new grants management/payroll funding controls are being enabled in HCM, how HCM will be impacted and review guidelines you should be following to prepare for the change.
To ensure HCM and CU Career users have the most accurate information available, some learning resources in the HCM Document Library have been updated or retired. Have ideas for other items you’d like to see? Contact HCM Community.