Extending June funding rows to the new fiscal year is easy with this feature.
Minimum wage uploads will be completed to increase the pay rates of hourly employees who fall below Colorado’s new minimum wage.
To maintain an exempt status, the W-4 must be updated by Feb. 14.
Help your new international hires prepare for tax season by encouraging them to schedule tax appointments, then learn more about changes to available tax filing software.
Completing these tasks will help ensure your year-end is successful.
Fall hiring and August payroll are approaching. View reminders, tasks and resources so you’re ready.
Complete important tasks for FY19 to ensure accuracy.
Department budget tables roll forward to Fiscal Year 2020 in June.
Fiscal year-end is quickly approaching. Validate funding end dates and prepare funding for FY20.
Employee Services’ Payroll Department will run a special off-cycle on April 17 due to inclement weather.