Search for important data on course completions — and noncompletions — using the comprehensive learning report in HCM.
Refer to a new guide to create deep links to Skillsoft courses
You can run comprehensive learning report through HCM to track completions in Skillsoft.
If you hire employees or simply want more experience with HCM, take the new HCM Hiring Employees Skillsoft course, available June 10.
The performance cycle for university staff has ended and the classified staff performance cycle ends March 31. See how to set goals for university staff and prepare for classified staff evaluations.
Share these resources and worksheets with your department to develop and track effective professional goals.
Mark your calendar for important review and evaluation dates, then find Skillsoft and resources to help you and your employees increase performance management skills.
Reviewing classified staff? Skillsoft and offer resources to help you and your team prepare. Don’t forget: The university staff performance cycle may be over, but it’s time to set goals for the next review period.
A new Skillsoft course for employees who use HCM to update job data has replaced HCM Position Data and Non-Person Profile and HCM Managing People and Jobs courses.
It’s almost time to complete reviews and evaluations for university staff. Review upcoming tasks and deadlines, as well as important learning resources for supervisors and staff.