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New HCM course can help increase your hiring knowledge, gain system experience

Whether your job includes hiring employees or you just want to gain experience with navigating HCM, you’ll benefit from taking the new HCM Hiring Employees Skillsoft course.

This online course, available on Monday, June 10, provides the following:

  • Information about creating hire transactions using the Transaction Launch Page.
  • Ways to search for candidates and existing records, then submit for approval.
  • Practice hire transactions and check their statuses within simulations.

Follow the steps below to access the course on June 10:

  1. Log into your campus portal
  2. Open the CU Resources Home dropdown menu and select Training.
    CU Resources Home drop-down menu
  3. Choose the Skillsoft tile. After you click the tile, Skillsoft will open in a new tab or browser window. 
    Skillsoft tile
  4. Select Library and under CU Custom Content, choose your campus.
  5. Select HCM from the left-hand menu.
    HCM Courses
  6. Find the course CU: HCM Hiring Employees and click Launch.

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