Use these resources to prepare for the upcoming ePAR upgrade.
It’s time to start setting goals and preparing to review employees’ accomplishments and challenges.
It’s almost time to complete reviews and evaluations for university staff. Review upcoming tasks and deadlines, as well as important learning resources for supervisors and staff.
ePAR form will transition to the Template Based Transaction framework in February. See what’s changing and what’s staying the same.
Employees will soon receive their W-2s and Form 1095-Cs. International employees may expect Form 1042-S.
See what the new form looks like.
Minimum wage uploads will be completed to increase the pay rates of hourly employees who fall below Colorado’s new minimum wage.
To maintain an exempt status, the W-4 must be updated by Feb. 14.
Help your new international hires prepare for tax season by encouraging them to schedule tax appointments, then learn more about changes to available tax filing software.
Ask your staff to complete these tasks to ensure they receive error–free W-2 forms.