Use these resources to prepare for the upcoming ePAR upgrade.
It’s time to start setting goals and preparing to review employees’ accomplishments and challenges.
It’s almost time to complete reviews and evaluations for university staff. Review upcoming tasks and deadlines, as well as important learning resources for supervisors and staff.
ePAR form will transition to the Template Based Transaction framework in February. See what’s changing and what’s staying the same.
Minimum wage uploads will be completed to increase the pay rates of hourly employees who fall below Colorado’s new minimum wage.
Get ready for the New Year: Review Social Security deductions and contribution limit increases, then take a look at tax rates and savings limits.
Experts will walk you through the basics of building simple queries in HCM, as well as some Microsoft Excel functions.
Accurate personal information ensures student employees receive important documents and are able to be contacted in the event of an emergency.
Fall hiring and August payroll are approaching. View reminders, tasks and resources so you’re ready.
Confirm FY20 funding and prevent payroll from going to suspense.