Finalizing these tasks by the 10th of each month helps ensure any additional downstream updates can be completed in time for payroll.
The September monthly payroll and PET processing has been completed and payroll registers are now available.
New grants management/payroll funding controls launch Oct. 22. See what’s changing and ways you can begin preparing.
Submit your Job Data entries by the 10th of the month to avoid multiple benefit deductions and deductions taken in error from employees.
Share this information with your new employees so they understand how to complete important tasks.
A variety of learning resources have been updated, condensed and retired as a result of recent My Leave enhancements.
Be sure to complete these tasks before Sept. 10 for monthly payroll processing.
Production and Stage environments in CU Careers will be down for a 12-hour maintenance window rather than a 6-hour window.
Teams are working on finalizing the August monthly payroll.
See why new grants management/payroll funding controls are being enabled in HCM, how HCM will be impacted and review guidelines you should be following to prepare for the change.