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Payroll processing: Reminders and to-dos

Please ensure these tasks are completed before Sept. 10 for monthly payroll processing:

  1. Ask employees to review their personal information in the employee portal so they are taxed correctly and receive their pay. This includes their mailing address, zip code, direct deposit, and W4. The pay advice after payroll processes confirms their pay.
  2. Job Data affects benefits and pay rates, so please confirm it is up-to-date and correct. Once payroll processing begins, updates are too late for the current payroll, including termination rows (which can result in overpayments).
  3. Ensure funding distributions are updated. If you need assistance, see the CU Funding Entry guide.
  4. Query the payroll registers when they are ready and correct discrepancies as soon as possible. New funding rows are required for any payroll that went to suspense in August due to July 31 funding end dates.

If you have any questions, please email

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