See what’s changing with POI procedures, sign up for training before the April 5 deadline and review the new HCM Differences document.
See what’s changed and review guidelines for submitting the form.
This is your opportunity to build your knowledge and meet with CU benefits experts.
CU employees will not be affected by the state’s transition to a biweekly pay schedule.
Expired POI records will be inactivated on March 22. Use these step-by-step guides to identify and update expired POI records or reactivate a terminated POI.
The University of Colorado offers excellent benefits to its employees. Dial in on your options and make the smart call on your benefits at campus sessions.
Learn about new Related Action and Related Content features, then register for training.
Learn about new Template Based Transactions, additional changes to Transfer and how to sign up for training.
See why this naming convention was put into effect and find out how it works.
Reviewing classified staff? Skillsoft and offer resources to help you and your team prepare. Don’t forget: The university staff performance cycle may be over, but it’s time to set goals for the next review period.