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Naming convention implemented for duplicate employee IDs in HCM

Duplicate IDs within HCM confuse payroll history and employee tax records, in addition to blocking employee access to CU portals and other resources. To fix this, Employee Services merges the history of these IDs and changes the names of their duplicates. 

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See how it works

Duplicate IDs with pay history cannot be deleted, so the records must be combined to make it apparent that the two ID numbers refer to one employee.

In the newly adopted naming convention (used to stay consistent with Finance, student information databases and other CU systems), the first name in Personal Data is changed to CORRECT, and the last name is changed to X###### (pound signs resemble the correct ID number). In the following example, we see a user entering the ID 201294 for Laura Wilder into Job Data:

Name Change Convention example

This result indicates that Laura has duplicate IDs. As a result, the history of both IDs have been consolidated and the name on the duplicate has been changed to direct the user to the correct ID. In this case, the last name X184553 specifies that 184553 is the employee ID that should be used for Laura, as seen below:

Job Data

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