There are two types of transactions: non-pay and pay.


Transactions are migrating away from Smart ePAR transactions to the use of delivered Fluid HCM pages, providing users with a faster, more direct navigation to approvals with fewer clicks. 

While more ePAR forms will be converted to delivered Fluid HCM pages, full lists of pay and non-pay transactions that are no longer Smart ePARs are available in each tab below. When you're ready, training videos that will walk you through navigating elements of Fluid updates are provided


Smart ePAR Non-Pay Transactions Learn More
Job Changes Enter job changes
Group Termination Enter group terminations
Leave Put employees on leave
Group Changes Enter group changes
Person of Interest (POI) Add a Person of Interest (POI)
Separation Separation
Other tasks See course completions



Smart ePAR Pay Transactions Learn More
Additional Pay Issue additional pay (one-time and recurring)
Pay Rate Changes Enter a Pay Rate Change
Non-Person Profile (NPP) Creating or Updating a Non-Person Profile

Ready to learn more about navigating the Fluid updates? The videos below walk you through how to use HCM Favorites as well as how to navigate and log into HCM.

How to: Navigate Through HCM

How to: Log into HCM

How to: Use HCM Favorites