Employee transactions

Transactions are migrating away from Smart ePAR transactions to the use of delivered Template Based Transactions on Fluid HCM pages, providing users with a faster, more direct navigation to approvals with fewer clicks. 


Smart ePAR Non-Pay Transactions Learn More
Job Changes Enter job changes
Group Termination Enter group terminations
Leave Put employees on leave
Group Changes Enter group changes
Person of Interest (POI) Add a Person of Interest (POI)
Other tasks See course completions



Smart ePAR Pay Transactions Learn More
Additional Pay Issue additional pay (one-time and recurring)
Pay Rate Changes Enter a Pay Rate Change
Non-Person Profile (NPP) Creating or Updating a Non-Person Profile

 The videos below walk you through how to use HCM Favorites as well as how to navigate and log into HCM.

How to: Navigate Through HCM

How to: Log into HCM

How to: Use HCM Favorites