How to track and report your leave.

An employee on leave will receive an email requesting they fill out a leave usage report generated specifically for them. This report will be required for every pay period in which the employee has an open leave case. A reminder email will be generated each day until it is completed. If the employee is incapacitated or unable to submit the report, their supervisor or HR partner should submit the form on their behalf. This report details how much FMLA and FAMLI leave is being used for tracking and payroll purposes.

If the employee submits the form, their HR partner and supervisor will receive a copy and report any discrepancies to the leave team.

The employee, supervisor and HR partner will also receive instructions how to enter any supplemental time, which includes sick, vacation and paid parental leave. If supplemental leave is not entered, the portion of wages not paid by FAMLI will be unpaid.

If an employee has exhausted sick and vacation leave, they should not be placed on leave without pay in Job Data. FAMLI is still considered paid time. Leave, for monthly payroll, is processed one month after the leave is taken. Please review the roles and responsibilites guide outlining how pay and leave will be processed. If an employee terminates their appointment during or after leave, there is a possibility the employee will owe CU wages they were paid, and the leave was not yet processed.

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