When your life changes, your benefits may need to change, too. Employee Services can help you understand your options.

Are you getting married? Having a baby? Is your spouse getting a new job? Events like these may affect your benefits. Your benefits elections usually remain in effect until the plan year ends on June 30. However, if you experience a qualifying life change outside of Open Enrollment, you have 31 days from the date of the change to make certain adjustments.

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Marriage or Partnership

Divorce or Separation

Birth or Adoption

Change in Child or Depdendent Care Needs

Employee Gains Eligibility

Gaining Eligibility: Spouse, Partner or Dependent

Employee Loses Eligibility

Losing Eligibility: Spouse, Partner or Dependent

Medical Child Support Order

Death of a Spose or Partner

Death of a Child

These guides will assist you in determining whether a mid-year change of election is permissible within the rules established by Section 125 of the IRS code or under HIPAA special enrollment rights. If you have questions or don’t see a particular life change event, please contact to a benefits professional by calling 303-860-4200, option 3.