CU is committed to helping you reach your retirement goals.

In addition to generous contributions to your retirement plans, CU offers employees a broad array of retirement tools and resources to make the best of your benefits. Whether you’re just starting your career, advancing to new responsibilities or preparing to retire, you can use the information below to manage your retirement plans, increase your savings and make the best choices for your personal circumstances.

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Mandatory Plans

Each CU mandatory retirement plan has its own unique features and tools. Select your plan below and review the to-do list below for a sample of the tasks you should consider.

CU 401(a) Mandatory Retirement Plan

PERA Defined Benefit Mandatory Retirement Plan

PERA Defined Contribution Mandatory Retirement Plan

Retirement To-Do List

Retirement saving should never be a “set it and forget it” task. Life circumstances, market fluctuations and career changes can all affect your savings and how soon you’ll need to access those funds. Here are just a few examples of the kind of regular maintenance you should keep up with to ensure a healthy nest egg:

  • Assign beneficiaries and reassess every time a crucial life event occurs, such as marriage, birth or adoption.
  • View your balance, investment gains or losses and any applicable investment transactions.
  • Use available retirement calculators to gauge how much you’ll need in retirement and assess how likely you are to meet your goals in time for retirement.
  • Direct your investments based on the level of risk you’re comfortable with at your individual career stage.
  • Take advantage of the one-on-one consultations offered by TIAA. This offer is open to all retirement benefit-eligible employees regardless of which mandatory plan you’re in.

Voluntary Plans

Voluntary Retirement Plans

Don’t play catch-up with your retirement – save as much as early as you can with CU’s voluntary retirement plans. Voluntary plans allow you to put away additional money in one or more plans, up to a set annual limit, for retirement. Determine the best option for you by visiting our voluntary retirement plan webpages.

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Personal Financial Consultations

Schedule a no-cost consultation with a TIAA financial consultant to discuss your retirement goals.

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Retirement Ready

If retirement is on the horizon, CU has developed resources to guide your journey to retirement.

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