It pays to understand your pay. Let's walk through how to read your paystubs, view paydays and request payroll adjustments.

Access your paycheck in the portal

  1. Log into the employee portal.
  2. Select the CU Resources tab. (CU System employees will skip this step.)
  3. Open the top left CU Resources Home dropdown menu, then select My Info and Pay.
  4. Click on the Paychecks tile. Your four most recent paycheck will display by default. To see past paychecks, use the filter button to select your desired dates and press the Done button. 

Find your pay dates

View biweekly and monthly paydays using the tables below.

2022 monthly paydays

2022 monthly paydays
Month Pay Date
January Monday, Jan. 31
February Monday, Feb. 28
March Thursday, March 31
April Friday, April 29
May Tuesday, May 31
June Thursday, June 30
July Friday, July 29
August Wednesday, Aug. 31
September Friday, Sept. 30
October Monday, Oct. 31
November Wednesday, Nov. 30
December Friday, Dec. 30

2022 biweekly paydays

2022 biweekly paydays
Month Pay Date
January Friday, Jan. 7
January Friday, Jan. 21
February Friday, Feb. 4
February Friday, Feb. 18
March Friday, March 4
March Friday, March 18
April Friday, April 1
April Friday, April 15
April Friday, April 29
May Friday, May 13
May Friday, May 27
June Friday, June 10
June Friday, June 24
July Friday, July 8
July Friday, July 22
August Friday, Aug. 5
August Friday, Aug. 19
September Friday, Sept. 2
September Friday, Sept. 16
September Friday, Sept. 30
October Friday, Oct. 14
October Friday, Oct. 28
November Friday, Nov. 11
November Friday, Nov. 25
December Friday, Dec. 9


January 2023

Friday, Dec. 23

Friday, Jan. 6

2023 monthly paydays

2023 monthly paydays
Month Pay Date
January Tuesday, Jan. 31
February Tuesday, Feb. 28
March Friday, March 31
April Friday, April 28
May Wednesday, May 31
June Friday, June 30

2023 biweekly paydays

2023 biweekly paydays
Month Pay Date
January Friday, Jan. 6
January Friday, Jan. 20
February Friday, Feb. 3
February Friday, Feb. 17
March Friday, March 3
March Friday, March 17
March Friday, March 31
April Friday, April 14
April Friday, April 28
May Friday, May 12
May Friday, May 26
June Friday, June 9
June Friday, June 23

Pay adjustments

Employees are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their paychecks and taxes each payday. 


Occasionally, employees may be paid more than is due. If an overpayment is discovered, CU will collect funds according to the Employee Services Overpayment Procedure.  

If you discover an overpayment, contact your payroll department immediately to avoid tax implications.

Notice of Overpayment Adjustment Guide

Overpayment Procedure

Correcting Adjustments

At times, employees may have deductions withheld from their paychecks in error. Most often, this occurs when sufficient detail has not been provided to the the university prior to payroll processing (for example: student enrollment data or the U.S. tax residency status of an international employee).

If you believe that deductions from your paycheck may have been made in error, contact or, if you are an international employee, contact

Active employees: Learn how to read your paycheck

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