All employee moving expenses paid by CU are taxable. This applies whether CU is reimbursing employees or paying moving companies directly on their behalf.

Department resources

Departments who plan to cover moving expenses for new employees can:

  • Issue a moving allowance for a set amount to the employee.
  • Reimburse the employee for actual costs or for actual costs up to a set limit. 
  • Pay a moving company on the employee's behalf.

In any case, payment of moving expenses by CU incurs a tax liability to the employee.

If departments are reimbursing an employee, payment must be made directly to the employee through HCM. Please consult with your organizational unit for specific requirements. 

If departments are paying a moving company, review instructions on the Procurement Service Center's How to Buy Moving Services page. 

Employee resources

See the Moving Expense Worksheets page to download forms to document taxable house hunting and moving expenses.











For more guidance on recent tax code changes, please visit the Office of the University Controller's Tax Code Changes - 2018 webpages.