Interested in new ways to care for your mental health? CU programs can lend a helping hand.

Rest assured, many resources are available to University of Colorado faculty and staff seeking mental health and wellness information — whether you are looking for help with personal growth, navigating transitions, discovering solutions or simply seeking additional support through difficult or uncertain times.

For CU Health Plan enrollees

Starting with the 2022-23 plan year which begins July 1, 2022, our Anthem-administered health plans (Extended, Exclusive and High Deductible) and CU Health Plan - Kaiser will offer one preventative mental health care visit at no cost each plan year. Find out more about the mental health resources offered by these plan adminstrators below.

Anthem CU Health Plans

Members of Exclusive, Extended, High-Deductible, or the Medicare CU Health Plans can use Anthem's Find Care page to search for providers in your plan.


Contact Anthem Member Support.

LiveHealth Online

Anthem is recommending CU Health Plan members use telehealth when they can for medical, psychological, psychiatric and allergy-related concerns, as this prevents them from spreading illness and can help protect them from getting an illness while waiting with others at a physical facility. Anthem plan members can visit secure portal to use LiveHealth Online and connect with a board-certified doctor via live chat or video. This includes visits with a mental health professional.

Use LiveHealth Online to visit with a doctor 24/7 through live video. You can use the LiveHealth Online app on your mobile device or use your computer’s camera to have your telehealth visit.

Kaiser CU Health Plans

Members of the CU Health Plan -  Kaiser can use this webpage to search for providers in your plan and region.


Visit Find-a-Doc

Contact Kaiser Member Support.


CU Health Plan – Kaiser members have access to the myStrength app and other digital emotional wellness tools at myStrength is a personalized program that includes interactive activities, in-the-moment coping tools, inspirational resources and community support. myStrength helps with depression, anxiety, sleep, stress, substance use and chronic pain. You can track preferences and goals, current emotional states and ongoing life events to improve your awareness and change behaviors.

Everyone needs support for total health — mind, body and spirit. Digital tools can help you navigate life’s challenges; make small changes that improve sleep, mood and more or simply support an overall sense of well-being.

Download myStrength

  1. Go to to download the myStrength app.
  2. Click the Get myStrenght button.
  3. Follow the prompts to download the app. Please have your KP user ID and password ready.


Calm is a popular and highly adaptable app designed to help users reduce stress and manage anxiety through mindfulness techniques. From meditation to breathing exercises to audio stories to help users transition smoothly into a restful sleep, Calm is an added resource available to Kaiser enrollees for free.

Download Calm

  1. Go to to download the Calm app
  2. Click on the Get Started button
  3. Follow the prompts to download the app. Please have your KP user ID and password ready.


Kaiser is collaborating with the emotional coaching app Ginger. The app facilitates a connection between users and professional coaches who can walk you through dealing with common challenges such as stress, grief, problems at work or home and more. With Ginger coaches, you can discuss goals and challenges and create a concrete action plan and get acess to a library of more than 200 activity resources.

Kaiser enrollees can use Ginger for up to 90 days at no cost, and coaches are available 24-7, so help is always there when you need it.

Resources for everyone

Real Help Hotline


The Real Help Hotline provides all CU faculty, staff and studetns with access to professional mental health counselors, who offer assistance finding wellness and behavioral resources or immediate counseling over the phone. It's free, confidential and available 24/7 by calling 833-533-CHAT (2428).

Mental Health Resource Hub

The Mental Health Resource Hub is a free online digital resource site designed to help you navigate social isolation, job loss and other challenges.

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program

The Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (CSEAP) has provided resources that you may find helpful*:

*Please note: State of Colorado Mental Health licensing laws do not allow any therapist to service someone outside the state of Colorado. As such, CSEAP is unable to serve people who are not physically located in the State of Colorado at the time that services are to be rendered.

LinkedIn Learning course collections

Employee Suervices has curated three collections of LinkedIn Learning courses on mental health, work-life balance and cultavating your personal purpose.

Supplemental employee perks

Beyond CU's robust health plans, there are supplemental programs and perks available to all employees which support lifestyle components that contribute to your overall mental wellness. This includes Sleepio, a program which uses research-backed techniquest to help improve the quality of your sleep including time to fall asleep, depth of sleep and duration.

Watch the webinar, The Science of Sleep and Mental Wellness Resources for CU Health Plan members