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Looking to manage burnout and achieve balance? These LinkedIn Learning courses can guide your way

Not quite feeling like your best self?  You’re not alone. The CDC reports that feelings of stress and isolation have increased in adults, which only emphasizes the importance of skills to help you feel safe, physically and mentally. To combat burnout, stress and anxiety, LinkedIn Learning, a free resource to all employees and students available through the portal, provides relevant resources to help cultivate a healthy work-life balance, safeguard your mental well-being, and achieve a life of purpose. Check-out the resources aggregated by LinkedIn Learning.

Work-Life Balance

LinkedIn Learning’s work-life balance courses offer relevant skills needed to avoid career burnout and create a positive, healthy workplace.

If you feel overwhelmed at work, explore the “Avoiding Burnout” course, designed to help recognize the signs of burnout and manage your stress. For maximum effectiveness at work, investigate how “Use Your Strengths for Impact and Influence at Work” can help leverage your unique strengths at work.

Lastly, if you’re in need of a change, see “The Step-By-Step Guide to Reinventing Yourself” for skills to reinvent yourself for a job change or to work remotely.

Mental Well-being

If the past two years have been especially difficult and you’re focusing on your mental resiliency, check out LinkedIn Learning’s courses on mental well-being. The courses pertaining to grief and loss will help anyone who needs help managing loss and change in the workplace and beyond. Additional courses detail the value of sleep, managing anxiety, and beating workplace loneliness.

Cultivating Purpose

Finally, for those who have felt lost or have lost a sense of purpose, explore the courses on cultivating purpose. These courses pertain to uncovering your authentic self and detail how to manage your ambition and leadership skills. As working professionals, it can be difficult to set boundaries. Luckily, there is a course detailing how to say “no” with confidence and grace without having it negatively impact your career. These courses are dedicated to helping make your work more meaningful and feel happier throughout your workweek.

Access LinkedIn Learning

For Faculty, Staff, and POIs: 

  1. Log on to your campus portal (
  2. Open the CU Resource dropdown menu.
  3. Select Training.
  4. Click the LinkedIn Learning tile.

For Students:

  1. Log on to your student portal.
  2. Click Training, in the upper-right navigation.
  3. Click LinkedIn Learning.


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