Retirees from the University of Colorado

Retired employees selecting the Alternate Medicare Payment (AMP) must submit a W-4 Form and a Direct Deposit Authorization form through the employee portal. All retirees receiving AMP payments will receive a W-2 tax statement at the end of each tax year.

University of Colorado retirees returning to work at CU

If you are already receiving Social Security benefits and you begin working for the university in a Social Security-/Medicare-eligible position, you must pay into Social Security and Medicare. Find more information about CU retirees returning to work.

Retirees from any PERA-affiliated employer starting work at CU

If you are a PERA retiree from a PERA-affiliated employer, you must contact Employee Services and identify yourself as a PERA retiree. This ensures your taxes, deductions and retirement status will be recorded correctly. Learn more about working after retirement as a PERA retiree.

You must submit monthly leave records showing exception time, including all leave usage. Exempt employees do not have to report specific hours worked (i.e., time in and out). Non-exempt employees must document all hours worked and exception time including leave usage.

CU has multiple options for documenting hours worked and exception time; please verify with your department how it records time, and follow that procedure. Both the employee and his/her supervisor must sign the leave record verifying the accuracy of leave usage and balances.

Retirement Income Forms