State classified employees are part of the Colorado Personnel System, and subject to both Colorado and CU employment guidelines, rules, regulations and policies.

These employees must submit monthly leave records showing exception time, including all leave usage. Non-exempt employees must report specific hours worked (i.e., time in and out). CU has multiple options for documenting hours worked and exception time; please verify with your department how it records time and follow that procedure.

Both the employee and his/her supervisor must sign the leave record verifying the accuracy of leave usage and balances.

There’s more to your pay than receiving a paycheck. Ensure you understand your finances by reading your paycheck correctly, reviewing pay days, learning how to safeguard against lost paychecks and more. 

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The International Tax Office provides many resources to assist you in meeting your U.S. tax obligations.

Schedule an appointment with an International Tax specialist

All new international CU employees are required to meet with an international tax specialist to identify their tax status, complete proper tax forms, facilitate any available tax treaty benefits and clarify any tax filing responsibilities.

To prepare for your meeting:

  • Bring your passport, I-94 and immigration documents. A Social Security Number (SSN) is not required.
  • Plan to review your entire history of presence in the U.S.

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Coming soon: Request an access code for Sprintax

To assist with U.S. tax filing obligations, nonresident alien students and employees who are sponsored by CU can use Sprintax software. This online tool can help you navigate the U.S.’s complex system and helps ensure all tax information and requirements are correct for an accurate federal tax return. Licences will be available soon.

Coming soon!


Immigration Info

For specific immigration issues, please contact the appropriate campus international student and scholar office:

For I-9 information, please contact the appropriate campus human resources office.

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CU has multiple options for documenting hours worked and exception time. You must verify with your department how it records hours/time and follow that procedure.


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