The Compensation Team is part of the System HR Team and is responsible for leveling and pricing System Administration positions, developing and maintaining ​​​​pay ranges and our pay philosophy,​​​​​ ​​supporting programs ​​​​including pay bonuses and annual pay adjustments, and supporting compliance efforts regarding pay and classification.

Compensation is an important piece of employment, and CU focuses on rewarding its employees fairly and competitively. CU has an established Pay Philosophy and ensures that all pay practices are reviewed regularly, compliant with new laws, and is clearly understood and transparent.

This website contains useful high-level information about pay and equity practices at CU System Administration as well as total compensation. For more detailed information for active System employees, please visit the System HR Compensation SharePoint site.

Changes to current employee compensation

Explore the ways that compensation can change throughout your career at CU System. 

Career Advancement


Market Rates

In-Range Increases

Temporary, recurring and one-time payments

Total Compensation

Total Compensation Calculators

Employee compensation encompasses salary in combination with employee benefits including health insurance, retirement plans and paid leave. This is crucial to keep in mind considering the Equal Pay Act job posting requirements that all compensation be listed. These calculators help you learn more about total compensation for staff.

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