The university rates faculty members' performance each year and uses the results to determine merit and other pay adjustments. It uses a peer evaluation process at all its campuses except on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Performance ratings are based on standards that each academic unit has developed, according to agreed-upon written expectations between the faculty member and his/her unit.

Faculty responsibilities (except those on leave)

  • Provide written evidence of your performance.
  • Use your campus'/college's/school's/unit's standard for reporting scholarly and other activities.

Faculty members who do not follow this process will receive a "below expectations" review and be considered for disciplinary action.

Evaluation process

Once rated on a 5-to-1-point scale, a faculty member may add a response to the rating, confirm he/she has read the rating by signing it and receive a copy of the final evaluation, with his/her supervisor's signature. Once the process is complete, supervisors place performance evaluations in each employee's personnel file, where it can be accessed under the Colorado Open Records Act.

See full details on the performance evaluation process by viewing CU's Performance Ratings for Faculty Administrative Policy Statement.

University staff members (formerly exempt professionals) are evaluated on an annual basis (per Regent Policy 11-C).

See CU's Administrative Policy Statement: Performance Ratings for Officers and University Staff (formerly Exempt Professionals).

Performance cycles vary by campus. Visit your campus' website for more information:

The performance cycle for classified staff members runs April 1 - March 31. Find more information about CU's Performance Management Program Plan.

March 31
The performance cycle ends

April 1
The performance cycle begins

During the month of April
Supervisors must meet with each employee individually to conduct an evaluation. The Planning and Evaluation form must contain all original signatures and dates.
Send the entire original evaluation to your appropriate HR office. The supervisor and employee should retain a copy for their records.

May 1
Performance evaluations must be received by the appropriate HR office. If a supervisor fails to submit all employee evaluations by this date, he or she may be subject to discipline.

During the month of May
The supervisor must meet with each employee to discuss the performance plan for the period of April 1 – March 31. After obtaining signatures in the planning section, the supervisor must send a copy of the front page of the Planning and Evaluation Form to the appropriate HR office.

June 1
A copy of the front page of the performance plan must be received by the appropriate HR office: