These benefits are for employees who participated in the University of Colorado 401(a) Retirement Plan, have officially retired from the University and are eligible for Medicare. Learn more.

What plans am I eligible for?

Status Medical Plans Dental Plans Life Insurance
Medicare Eligible Retiree & Dependent(s) CU Health Plan - Medicare


Alternate Medicare Payment
Delta Dental Premier
Basic Term Life 

Optional Term Life 
Retiree or Dependent is/or becomes Medicare eligible CU Health Plan - Medicare

Alternate Medicare Payment (if retiree is Medicare eligible)


CU Health Plan - Medicare/High Deductible (Over/Under*)
Delta Dental Premier Basic Term Life 

Optional Term Life 

*Over/Under is an option when at least one member is eligible for Medicare and at least one other member is non-Medicare eligible. The Medicare eligible member will be covered under CU Health Plan - Medicare, and the non-Medicare eligible member will be covered under CU Health Plan - High Deductible. 

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Medical Plans

Dental Plan

Life Insurance

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Anthem Microsite

Find a doctor or pharmacy, access your portal and more.

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Delta Microsite

Find a dentist, request an ID card and set up your personal account. 

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Standard Insurance Company

Call 1-800-628-8600 or visit the website.

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