Pay for your benefit premiums either by check or bank transfer.

If you are enrolled in a retiree or surviving spouse benefits plan(s) and owe monthly premiums, you will be billed monthly for the month prior. For example, September premiums will be billed in October. 

If you have elected to receive your billing statement detailing the cost of your benefits plans, it will arrive the first week of every month via email or to your mailing address on file with CU.  

You have the option to receive your monthly billing statement via email or postal mail. Please reach out to to indicate or change your billing references.

Your payment options

By check:

Send a check by mail to our lockbox address at:

Retiree Benefit Payments
PO BOX 913491
Denver, CO 80291-3491

For overnight deliveries by courier, send your check to the following lockbox address:

Lockbox Services 913491
ATTN: Retiree Benefit
MAC C7301-L10
1750 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO 80274-0002 

By Bank Transfer: 

  • You may sign up for the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option to have the premiums automatically debited from your designated bank account.
  • This bank account may also be used for depositing applicable funds into your account (refunds, Alternate Medicare Payment, etc.). 
  • Premium payments are due by the end of the month in which you are billed. Failure to pay premiums by the due date will result in termination of coverage. 
  • The university will debit your designated bank account between the 15-20th of each month.  Deposits will be credited on the last banking/business day of the month.
  • Sign up for the EFT option by completing the Banking Authorization Form