Address, Phone Number and Email Change


This form allows an address, phone number and/or email change to be made for individuals who do not have access to the employee portal (i.e. active new employee, former employee, retiree or surviving spouse).

Former student employees:

Address changes must be made both in the Student Information System (SIS) and the payroll system.

Active employees:

Use the employee portal for instant updates:

  1. Log in to your campus portal at
  2. Select the CU Resources tab. (Skip this step if you are a CU System employee)
  3. From the dropdown menu at the top of the page, select My Info and Pay then click on the My Info tile. Here, you can update your addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, email addresses and more. If you are having problems with authentication, see this page for assistance.

Last updated: 1/15/2021

Download a form below and open in Adobe Acrobat. Forms can be submitted electronically or printed and mailed/faxed to Employee Services.