It takes two to access sensitive information in the employee portal.

The University of Colorado uses multifactor authentication to protect personal employee information available in the portal. It takes two items—your password and your phone—to access sensitive information. This decreases the likelihood that others can access your data, even if they have your password.

How it works

Watch this 1-minute video to see how multifactor authentication works:

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Here are the basics.

  1. Log into your employee portal.
  2. When you try to access or update a protected page in the CU Resources area, you will be asked to authenticate your identity. You will have two options: Receive a phone call or receive a text with a passcode.

If you select Call Me

  • Ensure the phone number in the Device drop-down menu is correct.
  • You will get an automated call from the University of Colorado. Follow the instructions in the call, and you will be authenticated.

If you select Enter a Passcode

  • A blue bar will populate. Select the Text me new codes button.
  • You will receive a text from the University of Colorado to the phone number chosen within the Device drop-down menu
  • Enter the passcode from the text into the space and select Log In

Protected pages

You will be asked to authenticate your identity only when you try to access the following items:

  • Direct Deposit
  • W-2
  • W-4
  • Phone number (only when you push the "Change phone numbers" button in "Employee Profile")
  • Additional Information tab in My Info/Personal Details
  • Benefits Summary

Having trouble?

If you are having difficulty using the authentication system due to an incorrect phone number, please contact your department's payroll liaison for assistance.

 For other issues, please email Employee Services at Please include your name, employee ID number, contact information and a description of the problem.