Numerous resources are available to help if you need support.

Usually, the best place to begin is with your campus site administrator. Access to the list of all site administrators requires you to be signed in for identity authentication.

You can find specific help on this site for access issues, training resources and how-to guides. Visit Tableau Upgrade 2024 for details on the latest version.

Join the Tableau User Group (TUG) by signing up for email invitations to Tableau trainings and TUG webinars.

UIS Service Desk Support

The UIS Service Desk is available to help via phone, email or in-person from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding university holidays.

Submit a ticket

Have an issue, question, or problem you need to report? There are two ways to request assistance.

  • Submit a ticket by emailing with your question or issue
  • Call the help desk at 303-860-HELP (4357) and a ticket will be created for you

What you see after submitting a support request or sending a support email:

  • After you submit a ticket, you should receive a confirmation email with your ticket number.
  • Now, we will review your request. You will get a Help Desk email once one of our support staff replies to your ticket.

Adding detail to a support request

If you need to add detail to your support request, simply reply to the email you receive from our ticketing system without altering the subject line.

Need immediate help?

During business hours, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, call the UIS Service Desk for immediate help at 303-860-HELP (4357). 

Check the status of a ticket

Want to check the status of a ticket? There are two ways to do so:

  • Email: Reply to the original email response you received from the Service Desk. The code at the bottom of the email associates any replies with your original ticket.
  • Call: Dial 303-860-HELP (4357). Before you call, look up the ticket number in the email response you received from the Service Desk.

Escalate a ticket

Having problems with a particular ticket? Contact to escalate your ticket.

Tableau Desktop Compatibility Issues

Current Server Version: 2022.1.20

A workbook created with any version of Tableau Desktop can connect to any supported version of Tableau Server. But once you are connected, compatibility can be an issue depending on the version you are using and the action you're performing.

Workbook Compatibility

  • A newer version of Tableau Desktop can open a workbook created with an older version.
  • An older version of Tableau Desktop can't open a workbook created with a newer version.

Compatibility issues typically arise only between release versions of Tableau products. For example, if you are using Tableau Desktop 2021.4 and others are using Tableau Desktop 2021.3, or if you need to publish to Tableau Server and it is still running version 2020.1, you can encounter compatibility issues. To update to the newest Tableau Desktop version, visit Tableau Releases

For more details, visit Tableau Desktop Compatibility. (Access requires CU credentials) 

To identify which version of the product you are using, with Tableau Desktop open:

  • On a PC, select Help > About Tableau from the top menu.
  • On a Mac, select Tableau > About Tableau from the top menu.

Publishing from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server

You can publish workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server if the version of Tableau Server is the same or newer than the version of Tableau Desktop. For example, you can publish workbooks and data sources from Tableau Desktop 2020.2 to Tableau Server 2020.2, Tableau Server 2020.3, or Tableau Server 2020.4.

But if Tableau Server is running an earlier version than Tableau Desktop, you will be prompted to downgrade the workbook before you can publish it to Tableau Server. For example, you can downgrade a workbook created on Tableau Desktop version 2020.3 to publish it to Tableau Server version 2019.3. For more information about how to downgrade your workbook, see Downgrade your workbook in this article.

UIS Data and Business Intelligence Team Support

The Data and Business Intelligence team hosts monthly webinars for all key stakeholders to receive updates, information and demonstrations about products like Tableau.

We also post updates to the Data & BI / IRM blog.

Please contact us with any questions and feedback related to the Tableau enterprise server.

Tableau Customer Support

Contact information for:

  • Tableau Technical Help
  • Tableau Customer Success Manager for CU
  • Tableau sales representatives (for license-related questions)

can be found at Tableau Sales Representatives on SharePoint. You will need to be connected to a CU VPN for access.